Why Natural Breast Reduction For Men Is Better Than Surgery

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RE: Natural Breast Reduction For Men

Every doctor will tell you that surgery is the ONLY way for you to lose your man breasts. They tell you this for two reasons.

Reason number one is that doctors are taught jack-all about man breasts in medical school.

Breast surgeons may go on to learn about man breasts or ‘gynecomastia’ in their training AFTER medical school, but they learn jack-all about natural methods, all they’re taught and all they learn about is surgery, and most go on to actually believe that this IS the only solution.

Breast Reduction For Men

Reason number two is financial interest.

Doctors make tons of cash on cosmetic surgical procedures, so they’ll knock down natural breast reduction tactics as much as they can.

If you’re suffering from male breasts, go and see your doctor first to rule out any medical cause. If there’s no serious medical cause (which is most likely the case), get out of that doctor’s surgery and get to work at reducing those breasts NATURALLY.

Why IS Natural Breast Reduction For Men Better Than Surgery?

Although surgery is the quickest way to lose your man breasts, it’s far from being the most effective. Here’s why.

Given that you’ve ruled out any medical causes, male breasts are caused either by excess body fat and/or a hormonal imbalance in your body. Both of these factors are determined by your genetics, your lifestyle and your exposure to feminizing chemicals in your environment (which is a growing problem in modern society).

Surgery addresses NONE of these. Instead of attacking the cause of your man boobs, it merely takes away the symptom. Kind of like putting a jug under a leaking pipe. The jug will eventually overflow and you would have solved NOTHING.

In the same way if you have surgery for male breast reduction your breasts will likely just grow back because you haven’t done anything about the root cause of the problem. Natural male breast reduction involves fixing the pipe.

When IS Surgery Needed In Breast Reduction For Men?

I won’t lie to you though, a small proportion of guys WILL eventually need surgery, but even these guys need to employ natural breast reduction tactics. Due to prolonged exposure to high levels of the female hormone estrogen, some guys can develop small glands in their breasts, which harden over time and can only be removed with surgery. But this is only to be considered AFTER you’ve used natural tactics to reduce the size of your breasts right down.

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