Reduce Chest Fat With Easy, Proven, Natural Methods

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There Are Two Causes Of Excess Chest Fat

To reduce chest fat, you have to know what causes excess chest fat in the first place. There are two possible causes.

Chest Fat Cause #1:

It could just be that you’re overweight and your genetic pattern of fat gain causes your body to store fat in your chest. If this is the case then there’s no way for you to reduce just the chest fat – you have to work on reducing fat from your entire body if you want to see that chest flatten out.

Chest Fat Cause #2:

The other possibility is that you have too much of the female hormone estrogen circulating around your body. This is extremely likely because almost everyone in the modern environment is exposed to artificially high levels of estrogen. Here’s a few of examples of where estrogen can make its way into your body:

  • Artificial estrogen is used widely by farmers to cause their livestock to grow larger and produce more milk. So when you eat meat and consume dairy, this estrogen makes its way into YOUR body.

Women commonly complain of breast fullness and tenderness when they consume milk in countries where farmers are free to inject their livestock with whatever they want.

  • Estrogen is abundant in our water supply and isn’t filtered by any government filtration system. In fact biologists have found that due to excess estrogen, male fish are turning into egg-producing female fish in the very waters that we end up drinking.
  • Estrogen-like particles exist in preservatives, which are used in almost all types of food to increase shelf-life.

Now with all this in mind, and knowing that estrogen has been shown to increase chest fat in women AND men, it’s easy for us to work out that reducing our exposure to estrogen will reduce chest fat. But avoiding all the above sources of estrogen (and dozens of others) is just not enough.

Special Exercises That Easily Reduce Chest Fat

Reduce Chest FatSince the damage is done and you already HAVE excess chest fat, you need to use special exercises and dietary tactics that have been shown to actively reduce your body’s estrogen levels.

Exercises that reduce estrogen and therefore reduce chest fat, do NOT involve chest workouts like push-ups and bench presses. In order to bring about a change in your body’s hormonal system, you need to shock your system by working out the largest muscle groups in your body.

Exercises that do this include barbell squats, deadlifts, dips and high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT can be done with any form of cardiovascular training, be it running, swimming or cycling. The secret lies in knowing how to do the exercises. Done correctly, they can cause huge releases of chemicals and hormones that will last for days after the workout and get straight to work at burning off that excess chest fat.

Dietary tactics that reduce chest fat include both avoiding those foods that increase estrogen in the body, and also consuming foods that actively reduce estrogen. Your hormone balance (and hence your chest fat) is also affected by the timing of your meals, the portion size of your meals, your sleep pattern and numerous other factors.

To find out more about how to reduce chest fat with these exercises, and all the details on how exactly to do these exercises for maximum results, Click here to watch the How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally video. There you’ll also learn about dietary tactics for reducing chest fat and all the other factors that you can use to your advantage to finally get that flat chest you’ve always wanted.

Click here to watch the How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally video

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