How To Lose Man Breast Fat Naturally Without Surgery Or Pills

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When I discovered how to lose man breast fat, it took me less than 40 days to get a perfectly flat chest that I could show off at the beach. And the best thing is I did it all naturally, without taking any pills or supplements and without having surgery.

After years of research, I found that all you have to do is make a few small and easy lifestyle changes that will cause your body to burn that man breast fat on autopilot. But if you don’t know what these lifestyle changes are, you could go on for years busting your gut doing push ups and bench presses at the gym and see NO improvement in your chest. After all that effort you’re STILL keeping your top on and watching from the sidelines while your friends are jumping into the pool with the girls.

How To Lose Man Breast FatLike I say, when you know the secrets of how to lose man breast fat, it’s easy. By making the correct lifestyle changes, you can stimulate your body to release powerful chemicals and hormones that will transform your body in just a few short weeks.

The shape and frame of your body, how much fat you store and where you store it, and how much muscle you grow are all determined by the balance of hormones and other chemicals in your body. When you know how to naturally manipulate the right chemicals and the right hormones, there’ll be nothing to stop that man breast fat from completely disappearing.

There are three different categories of lifestyle changes you need to make in order to lose those man breasts:

1: Avoid Artificial Chemicals In The Environment

Chances are, that artificial chemicals in the modern environment are largely responsible for giving you man breasts in the first place.

Man breasts were very rare 50 years ago and virtually unheard of a century ago. More and more guys are getting man boobs in the modern day because we’re being exposed to feminizing hormones and chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink and even in the air we breathe (vehicle exhaust fumes contain estrogen-like particles, which cause man breasts, and partly explains why so many bus drivers in the city have man boobs).

Avoiding these artificial chemicals will definitely help you to lose that excess chest fat, but on its own it’s not enough because the damage is already done – you’ve already got excess breast fat and you have to use other methods to actively change that.

2. Make Dietary Changes That Both Reduce Estrogen And Boost Testosterone

Because of their effect on the female hormone estrogen, some food groups are known to increase rates of breast cancer in women, whereas others are known to even actively shrink a breast cancer mass after it’s occurred. I’ve found in my clients that these food groups are also excellent at burning breast fat in men, due to their ability to powerfully inhibit estrogen.

3. Do Hormone Boosting Exercises

There are some exercises that cause powerful surges of hormones throughout the entire body, which in turn, stimulate the body to burn that breast fat (NB: these do not involve bench presses or push-ups).

Working out the muscles in the chest does NOT burn the overlying breast fat. The muscles in your chest are small compared to those in your legs. By doing exercises that involve the leg muscles, you can change the chemistry of your entire body to make it burn chest fat.

These exercises include both cardiovascular workouts and weight training. But there are hundreds of different ways to do these exercises, and only a few can cause a chemical change in the body that’s significant enough to burn that breast fat in a matter of weeks.

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