How To Get Rid Of Man Breasts Without Surgery

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You know, I’m glad you’re looking at how to get rid of man breasts without surgery, because even though surgery is the easiest way to get rid of man breasts, on its own it isn’t the most effective, nor is it the safest or cheapest.

How To Get Rid Of Man Breasts Without SurgeryBut before I go on and tell you how to get rid of man breasts without surgery, I feel I have to give you a word of sincere, honest advice. Although everyone can significantly reduce the size of their man breasts through natural methods alone, a small proportion of guys WILL eventually NEED surgery to get that chest completely flattened out. Why?

Because guys who have man breasts or gynecomastia due to prolonged exposure to high levels of the female hormone estrogen may have developed small female breast glands that harden and become a rubbery mass over time. These can ONLY be removed through surgery. But even if this is YOU, you still need to use natural methods to reduce man breasts, or else your man breasts will simply grow back AFTER surgery.

The time to consider surgery is when you’ve got your chest flattened out as much as you can through natural methods, and despite all of your efforts you still have puffy nipples that stick out a little. That would be the time to see your doctor. But don’t worry about that just now. Don’t forget, most guys can lose their man breasts entirely through natural methods alone.

So what ARE these natural methods for losing man breasts?

These natural methods include small, simple and easy lifestyle changes that have been shown to change the very architecture of your body. By controlling your hormones and other chemicals released by your body, you can transform your body from a floppy form with breasts, to the steel-framed masculine body that nature intended you to have.

In the modern environment you’re being attacked from all directions by artificial chemicals that influence your body’s hormones. Unfortunately our hormone levels are being shifted toward the female side, causing man breasts. But man breasts aren’t the only problem this has caused. Did you hear in the news a few years ago about male fish in rivers being transformed into egg-producing female fish? That’s how much of the female hormone estrogen is floating around in our water supply.

Because of high levels of estrogen in our environment, women are also suffering, with increased occurrences of breast tenderness, breast cancer and other cancers and various other diseases that men also have. You may also recall one of the news articles about women’s breast sizes being bigger today than women of the same age, 50 years ago. This is because of excess estrogen in your environment.

In order to get rid of your man breasts, you not only have to do everything you can to avoid estrogen in your environment, but you also must do things that will actively reduce the estrogen in your body. You can also reduce the impact of estrogen if you increase your body’s release of the male hormone testosterone.

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