How To Reduce Man Boobs Quickly – Tips On Body Fat Reduction

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For the vast majority of guys, there is no ‘secret’ regarding how to reduce man boobs. You just have to lose weight. For those who need more than just to lose weight, losing weight is still an essential component of any man boob reduction regimen.

Even if you are skinny, further reducing body fat will still help in your effort to reduce man boobs. You can put your weight back on through a healthy, nutritious diet after you have lost your man boobs.

Why Losing Fat Is So Important If You Want To Reduce Man Boobs

Here’s why reducing body fat is so important…

Estrogen is fat-soluble, and is stored inside fat cells. The more fat cells you have, the more estrogen is stored in your body.

Also, fat cells contain an enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen. This results in a triple-whammy effect on growing man boobs.

A high body-fat count causes your body to…

1. Store more estrogen
2. Produce more estrogen
3. Reduce testosterone

It is a medical fact that man boobs are not caused by increased estrogen alone, but rather by the estrogen to testosterone ratio.

Men who have reduced testosterone levels and normal estrogen levels are known to develop man boobs as well.

This happens in conditions such as hypogonadism, where the testes are unable to produce normal levels of testosterone. When estrogen levels go up and testosterone levels go down, this produces a HUGE stimulus for the growth of man boobs, and will thwart any attempt to reduce your man boobs.

If you are humongously obese, then you can forget about any specific techniques for getting rid of man boobs. Your first and main goal should be to reduce body fat, and only then should you worry about specific tactics on how to lose man boobs.

On Body Fat Reduction…

Forget weighing yourself. Body weight is a poor indication of how much body fat you have. Arnold Schwarzenegger weighed a massive 250 lb during competition time. And yet his body fat count was in the single-digits – almost as low as is humanly possible.

Start exercising and watching your food intake today, and gauge your success from the way you look, the way your clothes fit, and the way the opposite sex responds to you.


The single most important factor for body fat reduction is diet. No amount of exercise will make up for a bad diet.

A small, 100g bar of chocolate bar contains roughly 550 calories. It takes up to an hour of jogging to get rid of that many calories. But it isn’t just about how many calories you consume.

The type of food you eat is also important, so is the timing of your meals and the size of your meals. Here are some tips.

  • It is important to reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates like white rice, white bread and white pasta. Needless to say, you should also avoid junk foods like chocolate, sodas and potato chips.
  • Also try to avoid saturated fats, namely red meat and whole-milk dairy, including cheese, sour cream, ice cream and butter.
  • Try to eat small, frequent meals – say at least 5 small meals per day. By avoiding large meals, you will limit the release of insulin after meals, thereby reducing the storage of fat.
  • Eat nothing for 3 hours prior to going to bed. The trouble with eating anything just before bed is since you won’t be using those calories for energy in producing movement, most of the food is likely to be stored as fat while you sleep.
  • Do some exercise just after (preferably just before) every meal. Exercise causes special receptors called ‘GLUT4’ receptors to move to the surface of muscle cells. GLUT4 receptors are found in both muscle cells and fat cells. They are glucose transporters that are regulated by insulin. When insulin is released after a meal, it causes lots of GLUT4 receptors to come to the surface of fat cells, allowing fat cells to absorb glucose. When you exercise, much of the glucose from your food is absorbed instead by muscle tissue.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Although diet is the most important factor for losing weight and reducing man boobs, it will take you forever to lose weight without exercise. The best approach is to do both. Cardiovascular exercise is the best way to lose body fat.

An excellent time to do cardio is in the morning before breakfast. This is because by the time you wake up in the morning, most of the stored sugar in your liver and muscles is depleted since you haven’t eaten anything all night.

For this reason, when you do cardio before breakfast, your body resorts almost immediately to fat oxidation for energy.

You should do cardio at least 3 days per week. The more days you do cardio the more fat you will lose, so if you have a lot of weight to lose, go for the full 7 days. The maximum length per session should be 1 hour, with a minimum session-length of 30 minutes.


The trouble with dieting and cardio, is they can both make you lose muscle tissue. When you do cardio, you generally lose 50% fat and 50% muscle.

Since muscle is more metabolically active than fat, losing muscle causes your basal metabolic rate to go right down. As this happens, your body’s energy consumption at rest decreases.

This means that you will have to eat even less just to maintain your current level of body fat. As you lose more fat and more muscle, you will have to exercise harder and eat less and less just to continue losing fat.

Loss of muscle tissue is one of the most common reasons for a plateau in your progress during a weight-loss program. To avoid hitting a plateau, you need to combine the above tactics with a good weight-training regimen.

Another benefit of weight training, is if you target the larger muscle groups, such as the legs, studies show that it helps boost testosterone levels, which can help you lose man boobs.

Yet another benefit of weight-training is that it transforms your appearance by giving you bigger muscles. This makes it much less obvious that you have man boobs.


So what are you waiting for? Your chances of success will be highest if you get started right now!

Don’t leave it till tomorrow and, if you can help it, don’t even leave it till later today. Stock your kitchen with some healthy food options, go out for a brisk walk, cycle, swim or run and lift some weights.

Losing weight and getting rid of man boobs takes time. It won’t happen over night, it wont even happen in a week. You’ll be working at it for a good few weeks before you see any results at all. You have to persist until you start seeing results.

The main reason the vast majority of people never manage to lose weight or reduce man boobs is because they give up after a few days or even weeks of seeing no results despite all their effort and hard work.

Those who do lose weight successfully, do so because they get into a rhythm and a routine. They start to enjoy eating healthy and exercising on a daily basis. They stop looking for results, and hence don’t get frustrated by the lack of results. Then after a few weeks of persistence, their hard work pays off.

Make exercise and eating healthy an enjoyable part of your every day life and your goal to reduce man boobs will soon become a walk in the park. For a comprehensive system on how to lose man boobs naturally, check out the following video:

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