How To Reduce Breast Size Naturally For Men

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Learning how to reduce breast size naturally is no easy task. The first step is to understand what causes a guy to develop breasts in the first place…

As a man, you can grow man boobs (gynecomastia) for two different reasons.

First, there’s having a high body fat percentage. Second, is having a hormonal imbalance, with high levels of the female hormone estrogen, and low levels of the male hormone testosterone.

The main culprit involved in almost every case of hormonal gynecomastia in teenaged boys is the female hormone estrogen.

Usually, nothing needs to be done if you are still a teenager with gynecomastia. In this case even if your breasts are tender and they seem to be getting bigger, you really don’t have to be concerned.

You don’t have to worry because for a lot of boys this is just a normal part of the growing process. There is absolutely no reason to believe that you’ll turn into a woman, because the changes you see during puberty are usually temporary. But if you’re still not convinced, you can go and see your doctor just to make sure.

If you want, you can also learn and follow a regime on how to reduce breast size naturally, as this will help to increase the speed at which your breasts go away. It will also significantly reduce the chances that your breasts will persist into adulthood.

If your man boobs increase in size after the age of 25 then you’ll have to make some changes in your diet, and follow an exercise regime that’s designed to reduce breast fat. There are also other methods you can use like taking cold showers and avoiding environmental exposure to estrogen.

Once guys like you and I start getting closer to 30, the metabolism that kept us from growing man boobs when we were younger, starts to slack, and the body fat count creeps up.

Reducing the size of your man boobs and eventually flattening out your chest completely, requires that you stay the hell away from the typical American diet, which is loaded with grains, refined carbohydrates, estrogen-loaded fats, and unnatural vegetable oils and trans-fats. Alcohol is also a common culprit when it comes to growing man boobs.

When it comes to exercise, it’s really important to stick to the right type of workouts. The usual long-distance cardio you see everyone else doing at the gym and in the park, doesn’t work for flattening out the chest. It’s important to look into testosterone-boosting exercises like kettlebell training, weight-training and high intensity interval training.

Although it can be difficult to spot-reduce and only lose the fat on the chest, my latest findings suggest that with the right type of exercise, you can at least prioritize the chest.

The trouble with long distance cardio is, that it doesn’t change the shape of your body. With enough effort and enough track hours under your belt, you might get smaller, but the shape of your body will remain the same. If you were a big pear shape yesterday, then you’ll only be a smaller pear tomorrow.

If on the other hand, you focus on high intensity stop-start types of exercises, you stimulate the release of male sex hormones, which get to work almost immediately at prioritizing the burning of chest fat. With these exercises, your body transforms from having a female gynoid fat distribution. to a male, android fat distribution.

Inclined bench pressing is a critical exercise that you should incorporate into your regime, because it is great for exercising the muscles in your upper chest.

The feminine look disappears as soon as the fat surrounding the nipples is replaced by tight upper chest muscles. A good regime on how to reduce breast size naturally focuses on achieving just this.

Remember that building muscle mass with a weight training regiment requires fewer reps with greater weight.

You can also mask your man boobs by following an exercise routine that involves building up your shoulders, upper and lower chest, and back areas.

Where a feminine chest tends to sag, building powerful lower chest muscles will produce an upright muscular physique like Conan the Barbarian’s.

Building muscle in the shoulders and the upper back will also stretch and tighten the skin of the upper torso on the whole, so work on building greater muscle mass up there as well as on your chest.

To find out about all the exercises that are known to effectively reduce male breasts, click the link to get yourself a copy of Garry Davidson’s How to Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

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8 thoughts on “How To Reduce Breast Size Naturally For Men”

  1. I am 18 years old, and I have suffered from man boobs since the 4th grade. They seem to have grown around first stages of puberty, and show no signs of growth since then. Last December I lost 65pounds but still no avail the boobs remain. the top part of my pecs are hard but the bottom are flabby. Theyre probably a c cup. Pretty big. I came across this program. I really want results and I really want to go to the beach. I’m tired of feeling inferior to the guys who don’t wear compression shirts. Can you give me some insight?

    • Hi William, thanks for your comment.

      At 18, it’s likely you’re suffering from something called “pubertal gynecomastia”. This is actually an extremely common thing that a lot of young guys suffer from. I suffered from pubertal gynecomastia from the age of 13. The quicker you act, the more likely it is you’ll be able to get rid of your man boobs without surgery.

      Some guys, due to excess exposure to high levels of the hormone estrogen, end up growing breast glands beneath their nipples. You can see if you have breast glands by pressing on your nipples. If you feel a firm rubbery lump behind your nipples, those are likely breast glands. Usually, when the hormonal process that causes gynecomastia is present, these glands will be tender. The tenderness later goes away when the hormones settle, but often the glands remain. The longer the glands are there, the more likely they are to become permanent, and can only be removed by surgery. This is because after some 2-3 years, breast glands undergo a process called “fibrosis”, where they supposedly become permanently fixed. I say “supposedly”, because there are some studies that suggest you can still get rid of fibrosed breast glands without surgery. So even if you’ve had those man boobs for a good few years, all hope is not yet lost.

      Seeing as you mention you have c-cup breasts, the first thing you should do is see your doctor, just so he/she can rule out any possible sinister causes to your man boobs. Also, if there are any currently active hormonal processes going on, your doctor can prescribe some powerful drugs that can help.

      If there are no underlying medical causes to your man boobs, then you must get started on a natural program to reduce those man boobs ASAP. You mention having lost 65 pounds. Congratulations, that’s not easily achieved. However, the reason your man boobs are still there, is likely because you lost that weight in the wrong way. You lost it in a way that was destructive to your hormones. Most people, when they decide to lose weight, end up doing a whole load of cardio, and eating less, and/or avoiding fat.

      There are two main hormones involved in the growth/reduction of man boobs: estrogen and testosterone. Estrogen causes man boobs to grow, testosterone causes man boobs to shrink. Studies show that all three of these traditional methods of body fat reduction, result in reduced testosterone levels – long distance running, low calorie diets, and low fat diets.

      The secret to reducing body fat, while losing your man boobs at the same time, lies in reducing body fat in a way that keeps those testosterone levels elevated. This is the method I discuss in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

  2. I am 17 years old and I am a pretty skinny kid who had been an athlete my whole life. However, I feel like I’ve always had man boobs which show through my shirts and it becomes embarrassing. I’ve never been able to understand why I can’t seem to get rid of these stubborn man boobs when my arms and legs are skinnier than most of my friends, who don’t have mad boobs. If you could give me some insight that would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey John, check out the reply I gave to William earlier. It sounds like you probably have pubertal gynecomastia. Check it through with your doctor, just be sure there isn’t something more serious going on. Chances are your man boobs will disappear by themselves, but lately, due to environmental chemical exposure, it’s becoming more and more common for pubertal gynecomastia to persist through to adulthood and become permanent (called “persistent pubertal gynecomastia”).

      You can significantly reduce your chances of developing persistent pubertal gynecomastia, by making sure that you keep your bodyweight low, and use methods to help boost your free testosterone levels. You can read more about the natural approach to man boob reduction in this article.

  3. hi garry sir i’m a handicappad male in my left part of body so i cann’t do exercise like swimming skiping and cycling i daily do some cheast exercise and take turmaric before going to bed please give me some advidce do lose my moobs

  4. Hello Garry, I have had gyno since I was about 10. But I think it was induced from prednisone since im a asthmatic. Even though i am 24 can I still get rid of gyno without having to do surgery? Also I am hesitant in buying this program because youtube body builders say that only surgery can get rid of it for good.

    • Hey Nick

      I can’t guarantee that my program will 100% get rid of your gynecomastia naturally. At the very least my program can significantly improve the appearance of your chest. Whether or not it can get rid of your gynecomastia completely, depends on your own unique situation. The worst case scenario is that you have enlarged breast glands that have undergone a process called “fibrosis”, which they do after about 2-3 years of having the condition.

      Fibrosed breast glands are what doctors and bodybuilders will tell you can only be removed using surgery. However, studies show that fibrosed breast glands DO respond to medical therapy using drugs like tamoxifen and raloxifine, and if they respond to medical therapy, it means they can also respond to the natural approach using the methods I suggest in my program.


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