Warning: If You Think You Know How To Lose Chest Fat, Think Again!

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Learning how to lose chest fat is not easy. You're probably in the 90% of people who are doing it all wrong.

Everyone seems to think you have to do chest exercises to lose chest fat – like bench presses and push-ups. Not only are they recommending the wrong type of exercise, but they seem to think exercise is the only thing you need.

When done correctly, exercise CAN be all you need, but there's another factor at play that will make things SO MUCH easier for you. More about this later.

 "Why don't chest exercises like bench presses and push-ups work?”

Well when you exercise one part of the body, your body doesn't burn the surrounding fat for energy. That's not how the body works.

Doing chest exercises does NOT burn chest fat – it only builds up the muscles underneath.

“So what exercises DO burn chest fat?”

Unfortunately there's no such thing as an exercise that burns chest fat alone. The only way to get rid of that chest fat is to do exercises that burn fat from all over your body. You may not lose fat from your chest first, but eventually your body will resort to burning off that chest fat.

How To Lose Chest Fat - RunningThe best exercises for losing general body fat are ones that stimulate all of the body's major energy centres, which include the major muscle groups AND the heart and lungs. This includes cardiovascular exercises such as running, cycling and swimming.

"How do I do these exercises to lose chest fat?"

Well I should warn you first that your chest is probably one of the last places your body will resort to burning fat from. You can go weeks without losing any chest fat at all, while making leaps and bounds at losing fat from less noticeable areas such as your buttocks and around your internal organs.

The key is persistence – if you carry on with the exercises mentioned above as if you're doing them for fun rather than to try and lose your man boobs, then eventually your man boobs will disappear. And when this starts to happen they'll disappear in a matter of days.

I advise you do the above exercises at least every other day (it's better if you can do them every day though) for at least 20 minutes at a time. It takes 20 minutes of continuous exercise for your body to start utilising fat for energy. So the longer you go beyond 20 minutes, the better.

But there's another factor that may be just as important as exercise to lose that chest fat!

Indeed there is! This other factor is your hormone balance. See, the reason more and more men are complaining of excess chest fat these days is the exact same reason women's breasts are larger than they were just 20 years ago! (though they're not complaining) – there's even an article in the Daily Telegraph about this, here's the link:


To find out more about this hormone responsible for your all-too-chubby chest, and to learn about natural ways to get rid of it and totally eliminate that chest fat, click the link to watch this free video.

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