How To Eliminate Man Boobs: Give Me A Few Weeks And I’ll Give You A Flat Chest!

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How To Eliminate Man Boobs - PecsYes, you heard it – in just a few weeks from now you can be walking around in a T-shirt or topless at the beach with people seeing you as a man for a change!

By following the correct step-by-step method your body will have no choice but to burn that chest fat!

…and reveal the truly masculine frame you were meant to have.

See, there's a reason why man boobs are on the rise and were more or less unheard of 100 years ago. Modern technology, food processing, the use of the contraceptive pill by women, the use of preservatives in food and cosmetics, and many more factors are to blame!

How are they to blame do you ask?

Well the reason you have man boobs is because there's too much of the female hormone oestrogen in the environment – and in your body.

“Man Boobs Are In The Food You Eat!”

Your food is poisoned with preservatives that give it a longer shelf-life. These preservatives contain oestrogen-like particles, which give you man boobs.

“Yes, They're Also In The Water You Drink!”

Even your water supply contains oestrogen – thanks to the oral contraceptive pill, more than 70% of women in the west are peeing oestrogen-laden urine into our water system. Currently there appears to be no government scheme in the world which considers oestrogen in their water purification system.

“No, Surely… Not In The Very Air We Breathe???”

Yup! Car exhaust fumes contain oestrogen-like particles which give you man boobs. The incidence of man boobs in bus drivers is extremely high. And it's a proven fact that man boobs are much more common in busy cities than in people living out in the country.

“So What's Next? My Deodorant?”

Well hate to break it to you, but yes! More than 90% of cosmetics contain preservatives and other oestrogen-like particles. Of particular concern is the use of deodorants! By applying deodorants under your armpit, these particles bypass the body's metabolism and are directly absorbed into your chest, where they cause the develop of female breast tissue.

The reason man boobs are on the rise is the same reason female breast cancer (male breast cancer too!) rates are shooting up. We are being exposed to dangerous levels of oestrogen in our daily lives and no government that I know of has decided to take a stance against it.

“So How Do I Eliminate Man Boobs In Just A Few Weeks?”

It's simple! Avoid as much of the oestrogen around you as is humanly possible. Of course, if it's in the air you breathe, you'll only be able to avoid it to a certain extent, that's why you have to employ every strategy you can.

And unfortunately this involves exercise. Yup, I'm afraid it's true. Fat cells contain the enzyme aromatase, which converts the male hormone testosterone into the female hormone oestrogen. Getting rid of as much fat as possible from your body will help you tremendously in your struggle against your boobs.

If you want to learn everything you need to avoid oestrogen in your environment and finally eliminate those man boobs forever, then Click here to watch the How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally video.

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