Gynecomastia Treatment Without Surgery

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Having gynecomastia treatment without surgery involves finding and eliminating the cause of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is caused by an increase in the female hormone estrogen and a decrease in the male hormone testosterone. This can be caused by conditions that increase estrogen or reduce/block the effects of testosterone.

Estrogen and testosterone are both sex hormones that control sexual characteristics in men and women. Where testosterone gives men their extra muscle mass and body hair, estrogen is responsible for female characteristics such as growing breasts. When a man has too much estrogen in his system (or too little testosterone), he too will develop breasts.

Gynecomastia Treatment Without Surgery

Common causes of gynecomastia due to high estrogen/low testosterone include:

  • Certain health conditions
  • Certain medical drugs
  • A natural hormonal imbalance
  • Unknown causes (25% of cases)

If you’re thinking about having gynecomastia treatment without surgery I advise you to go and see your doctor to first rule out any serious medical causes for your gynecomastia. While you’re there your doctor will also examine you to see if you have any glandular tissue, for which you WILL eventually need surgery.

Most cases however, are due to a natural hormonal imbalance. And even the few guys who DO have glandular tissue in their breasts are advised to reduce the size of their breasts BEFORE having surgery.

Gynecomastia CAN be corrected with medical drugs that either increase testosterone or decrease estrogen, but it’s not the safest OR the healthiest option, since you can achieve a perfectly masculine hormonal balance through natural methods alone.

A ‘natural’ hormonal imbalance can be caused by the widespread use of estrogen in the modern environment, with high levels of estrogen found in common foods (dairy as one example) and your water supply. Estrogen also makes its way into your body through your skin, and is even BREATHED in especially when you’re fueling up your car.

In order for you to reduce gynecomastia, you not only have to avoid all the excess estrogen in your environment, but to get the quickest and most efficient results you must combine these estrogen-avoidance tactics with natural methods that actively inhibit estrogen and increase testosterone in your body.

These methods include both dietary tactics and exercises that when combined, can eliminate male breasts in just a few short weeks. To learn more about gynecomastia treatment without surgery, and everything you need to know about these natural male breast reduction tactics, click here to visit How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

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