Get Rid Of Man Boobs Without Surgery Or Pills

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You’ll be happy to know that most guys CAN get rid of man boobs without surgery or medical drugs. I will warn you however, that a small proportion of guys will eventually need surgery to eliminate their man boobs completely.

If your man boobs have resulted from prolonged exposure to high levels of the female hormone oestrogen, you may have developed small glands that harden over time. These glands are impossible to remove through natural methods alone. But there is some good news.

Even if you have hardened glands in your chest, you can still significantly reduce the size of your man boobs through natural methods alone. In fact, it’s crucial that you DO. Let me explain why.

What Every Guy Ought To Know About Man Boobs…

Man boobs are not just an isolated problem in your chest. They’re actually a symptom of your entire body’s chemistry being out of whack. Since surgery only deals with the superficial symptom and completely ignores the cause of your man boobs, chances are your man boobs will grow back right after you've had surgery. Therefore, surgery alone should NEVER be the only solution to your man boobs. So what do you do?

To get rid of man boobs and eliminate them from your life forever, you need to employ natural methods that target the root cause. Since man boobs never existed in the past and even now not EVERYONE has them, it’s safe to say that they result from a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Unfortunately some guys (including both you and me) are just naturally prone to developing man boobs from certain environmental triggers. Since you can’t change your genetic code, there’s nothing you can do about it. But the good news is you CAN do something about these environmental triggers.

What are these environmental triggers that cause man boobs?

There are literally hundreds (or possibly thousands) of triggers, most of which have all arisen from modern technological advances, including food refining and preservation, the use of oestrogenic preservatives in cosmetics, the pollution of our water supply with massive amounts of oestrogen (which goes totally unfiltered by the way), the widespread use of oestrogenic substances in farming… the list goes on. The common factor here is the female hormone oestrogen.

All men and women today, especially in the west, have higher levels of oestrogen in their bodies than men and women 50 years ago. This is the very reason why breast, testicular, and other cancers are on the rise, why women’s breasts are getting larger (yeh, it’s true – lucky us eh?) and men are growing man boobs. But just avoiding these modern exposures to oestrogen is not enough to lose your man boobs.

You need to combine oestrogen avoidance with proven methods that serve to actively reduce oestrogen and increase levels of the male hormone testosterone in your body. It’s not just oestrogen that causes man boobs alone, but a high oestrogen to testosterone ratio. So naturally increasing testosterone and decreasing oestrogen is the best and most efficient way to get rid of man boobs forever.

To learn about the most powerful natural methods that reduce oestrogen, increase testosterone and eliminate man boobs in just a few short weeks, click here to watch How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally. It sure as hell IS possible to get rid of man boobs without surgery, but only when you know the right way to go about it.


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