The Best Exercises to Get Rid of Man Breasts – They’re Not What You Think

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Exercises To Get Rid Of Man BreastsThe best exercises to get rid of man breasts do not involve just chest exercises such as bench presses, push ups and cable crossovers.

They involve a series of exercises that work together to shock your body into changing its structure and chemistry so you’re burning that chest fat all the time – not just when you’re exercising. So why is it that you can’t target your man breasts with localized exercises like push-ups?

Because man breasts are NOT just an isolated local problem in the chest. Rather, they’re a mere symptom of your entire body’s chemistry being out of whack. And although you can’t target your man boobs with chest exercises alone, the good news is you can use exercise to affect your entire body in a way that will cause your body to respond by breaking up that breast fat.

So What Kind Of Man Breast Busting Exercises Am I Talking About?

I’m talking about the type of exercise that causes the greatest chemical shift in your body toward a masculine hormone balance. Some exercises when done correctly, cause massive hormonal shifts, which can change your body’s chemistry and have been shown to actively shrink man boobs in a matter of days.

These include both cardiovascular workouts and weight training.

Weight Training Exercises To Get Rid Of Man Breasts

A select few weight training workouts have been shown to cause a massive surge of testosterone that can last for days. They do so because they involve the largest muscle groups and the greatest number of muscle groups in the body.

They put a lot of strain on the body, and your body responds by doing everything it can to prepare you for when it may happen next. This involves a change in your body’s chemistry and structure, and results in a significant reduction in breast fat.

The main three exercises include squats, deadlifts and dips. But merely knowing which exercises to do is not enough. After many years of research and three years of testing on hundreds of clients, I’ve found that there is an optimum way to do these exercises that causes the greatest reduction in breast fat.

Essential parameters to these exercises include how much weight to lift, how many sets and reps to do, how long to work out for, how many days per week to work out, what time of day to work out, your pre- and post-workout nutrition and more. On getting ALL of these parameters right, you’ll find that your man boobs will start to shrink in a matter of days.

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