Cardio – How NOT To Lose Chest Fat

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Steady state cardio is definitely NOT the way to lose chest fat.People always tell you that to burn fat, you have to exercise in the fat-burning ‘zone’. The best way to do this is through long duration cardio.

Now it may seem a little paradoxical, but exercising in the fat-burning ‘zone’ is not the best way to lose body fat, nor is it the best way to lose chest fat.

Steady state cardio does NOT help you to lose chest fat. There’s more to losing fat than just calories in VS calories out

The trouble is that these people are using too much of a simplistic model of the human body. They look at the human body as a car burning fuel, where the more fuel you burn, the emptier the fuel tank (i.e. your chest/belly) gets.

But the human body is far more advanced than any car (yes, it’s more advanced than a Bugatti Veyron), plane, or anything we humans have created.

Unlike man-made machines, your body resists change and adapts to its environment. Believe it or not, if you overeat, your body resists weight gain by increasing your metabolism, lowering your appetite, increasing your physical activity, and producing fat-burning hormones.

When you UNDER-eat by restricting your calories, the hunger center in your brain kicks in to increase your appetite, your metabolism drops like a brick, and you don’t feel like exercising so much.

When you burn fat with long-duration cardio, your body does everything to replace that fat. It does this so it can prepare you for that next bout of cardio. If you’re involved in a type of activity that uses fat for fuel, then it makes sense for your body to do everything it can to replace those fuel stores.

After a session of working out in the fat burning ‘zone’, your body replaces those fat stores by activating the hunger center in your brain so you eat more. It also releases hormones that transform as much of the food you eat as possible, into fat, and stores it to help you with your NEXT cardio session.

See what I’m getting at?

By doing long duration cardio, by exercising in the fat burning zone, you are training your body to transform into a fat-storing machine.

I’ve had my fair share of cardio in my day, and I know how it gets harder and harder to lose any fat as time goes by. The more cardio you do, the harder it gets to change your appearance, and now you know why.

Cardio trains your body to act AGAINST your efforts.

What you SHOULD be doing, is training your body to transform into a fat BURNING machine, by doing the type of exercise discussed here.

When you do the right TYPE of exercises, you signal your body to burn fat while you rest.

Rather than look at the body as a calories-in VS calories-out machine like a car, look at it as a computer – you can program it the way you want it to be. Program your body with the right TYPE of exercise, and it will burn fat for you on autopilot.

Not only body-fat, but the same type of exercise can also help you to grow muscle and lose chest fat.

How To Lose Chest Fat

See, when it comes to losing chest fat, long distance cardio only makes things worse.

Studies have shown that long distance cardio athletes have lower resting testosterone levels than the average sedentary male. They also have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which reduces the effects of testosterone on your body.

We know that testosterone is the main male sex hormone in your body. The very reason you get too much chest fat or man boobs, is because of a high estrogen to testosterone ratio (i.e. high estrogen and low testosterone). By reducing your testosterone levels, long duration cardio only signals your body to store as much fat as it can on your chest.

The good news here is that the same type of exercise that helps signal your body to torch body fat, also signals your body to release MORE testosterone. This stimulates your body to focus more on burning chest fat than fat anywhere else in your body.

I personally learned about this type of exercise from my coach, Garry Davidson. He tells you all about it in his program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally.

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