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The best chest exercises for men depends totally on what you want to achieve. If you’re a little overweight and you want that flat chest, you really want to focus on cardio to get that body fat count right down. If on the other hand you’re kinda skinny and want to do chest exercises to gain muscle, then your focus should of course be on weight training.

“If you’re trying to get rid of that chest fat, then the best chest exercise for you is not what you think.”

Doing bench-presses, push-ups and dumb=bell flys will only build the muscle from underneath. It’ll do next to nothing to burn that overlying layer of fat.

How To Lose Man Boobs - Bench PressI’m sure you’ve seen all the men’s magazines where they talk about the best exercise to get rid of fat in a particular area, such as the abdomen, chest and arms. I’ll have you know that exercising a particular body-part to get rid of fat in that area is a myth. Yup, a complete misconception we call spot-reduction.

“Where you lose body fat from is decided completely by your genes.”

So if you start to do the right type of exercise to lose body fat, your genes will determine where you lose fat from first. You may initially lose it from your thighs and buttocks, and since we men don’t focus on these areas too much, we don’t realise we’re losing any fat until the body later starts to strip fat from the chest and abdomen.

So if you’re looking for the best chest exercises for men who want to lose chest fat, then you should start doing the best exercises that help to lose general body fat. These exercises include cardiovascular workouts such as swimming, cycling, running, etc – anything that gets your heart pumping, your lungs working and that sweat dripping.

How To Lose Man Boobs - RunningThere are optimal ways of doing these exercises that will get that fat count right down so you can start getting rid of that chest fat as soon as possible. This includes what kind of intensity to do the exercises in, how long to work out for, how often to work out and much more!

There are also special dietary changes you can make that will get that chest fat right down! To learn more about the best chest exercises for men and other tactics for getting that chest fat right down, click here to watch this content-packed, informational video.

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