About Me

Hey, Garry here

Just thought I’d tell you a few things about myself. Aside from my man boobs, life has been pretty good to me. I dropped out of mainstream education after college and got into self employment and I’ve never looked back!

I get to work when I like and take holidays when I choose. The reason my man breasts were such a big deal to me is I travel a lot and meet lots of new people, I prefer to go to sunny destinations and I love the beach! You can see how having excess chest fat might have affected me.

It’s only when I discovered the true secret of how to lose chest fat that I was able to go out there and enjoy life to the fullest!

Why Am I Helping You To Lose Your Man Boobs?

Now the reason I’ve made this website is because I want to tell you my story. I want to tell you about how I overcame my barriers, in the hopes that you will learn from me and overcome your own. I tried and failed to get rid of my man breasts for 30 years! It’s only when I discovered what actually works, that I managed to finally get rid of them. And the best part is that IT WAS EASY!!

So if you my friend are finding it difficult to get rid of YOUR manboobs, then it’s not because you’re not trying hard enough, but because you’re simply doing it wrong. All you need is someone to show you the right way and you’re there! And that’s what I’m here to do :p